7 Call to Action Examples and Why You Should Be Using Them

7 Call to Action Examples and Why You Should Be Using Them

Call to Action Examples

Do you need some effective call to action examples? It can be difficult to persuade new clients to do what you want them to do. They often don't follow through, are not 100% sold, or don't bother to subscribe to your newsletter. And, they might not read your blog all of the way through.

Any problem has a solution. It's as straightforward as brainstorming and incorporating an irresistible call to action landing page button, a powerful CTA into your blog entries and advertising campaigns.

Admittedly though, marketing your website, service, or product can be quite the task. Fortunately, there are proven ways to strategize your marketing correctly.


The Best Call to Action Examples to Be Inspired By

1. "Show Me My Heatmap" By Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg heatmap shows you what people care about on your website. It's a great way to learn how people interact with your site, making it easy for you to understand what visitors want, thus giving you the data to create the best call to action to get what you want the viewer to do. Their CTA is "Show Me My Heatmap.”


2. "Send a Giftrocket" By Giftrocket

A great example of a business using a powerful call to action is Giftrocket. They provide a person with a gift without having to physically go to a shop to pick it up - perfect for when you can't get out of the house because of the virus. Giftrocket's CTA enables one to "Send a Giftrocket" from the comfort of your own home. It’s a direct, confident choice of words.


3. "Get Free Card Reader" By Square

We don't know if it is psychologically accurate, but based on experience, when people start seeing the word "free," it always catches their eye. Offering a product for free is a quick and easy way to get people to subscribe. This call-to-action example isn't new, but what it does is appeal to people. The option to choose whether to get something for free or receive nothing is with the reader, and we all know that the more exciting choice is the one you deem a benefit.


4."Build a Manpack" By Manpack

Manpacks gets it right when it comes to appealing to their target market. They know what makes men act, and they capitalize on that. They have a men's grooming product called a Manpack. By advertising the merchandise with the word "build,” it would naturally entice a man into assembling his assortment of men's products by themselves, be razor blades to their favorite comfy underwear. They make it so that the men feel as if they are building something powerful.


5."Talk to Us" by Contently

Contently uses a friendly approach to get conversions. How their landing page is designed allows the reader a glimpse into what's in store for them. "Talk to Us" is a simple, exceptional way of saying that potential clients can trust them and have a meaningful and beneficial relationship with their company.


6."Give Basecamp a Try " by Basecamp

This is one of the calls to action examples that exemplify the importance of not being direct. Telling the potential customer to give the product a try signifies a less intimidating way of distributing the free trial but subtle changes. For example, they have so much confidence in their product that they would let users have a free 60-day trial, knowing that they will definitely love the product and subsequently pay for a subscription.


7."I Want to..." by Quicksprout

Marketing educational content is tricky. It requires a distinct approach since the potential customer may or may not be a qualified candidate at the get-go, but that doesn't mean they should be discouraged. Quicksprout knows that the user wants to help and alleviate a problem. Thus it utilizes two options for them to pick. The first is "I Want to Grow My Traffic," and the second "I Want to Coach My Clients." Thus, it offers two services that the client can choose from depending on their needs, complete with their unique benefits upon subscription.

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