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Launch Date: Wednesday Nov 23, @ 8:00 A.M. EST

60% Commission on the Entire Funnel With Potential Commissions of $147 Including Recurring!

6 Day Launch – November 23 – Midnight Monday November 29 EST

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With a Funnel and Recurring Commission Opportunities, Expect Amazing Earnings!

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Giving you the tools and processes you need to build your successful business AND
Why you’ll make a ton with this promotion!

It comes down to this: We know our numbers!

  • For anyone coming to our EBA Profit Planners Membership and Bundles, we upsell almost 50 percent of them into the next products in the funnel because they are so focused on the next steps in the online business process. (More about what these are further down the page.)
  • We also retain 70-80% of the members beyond 6 months. That’s where the recurring commissions come into play… And where the real money is. We all love recurring commissions…

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Recurring Commissions Are the Holy Grail of Online Marketing. And if You’re Building a Real Business Online, Recurring Commissions Are Absolutely Required…

And we’re willing to share those generous recurring commissions with you…

Ready for the Launch Details?

Don’t forget the first and last OTO have recurring commission possibilities

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What exactly are we selling in this promotion?

  • Easy to Follow Systems
  • Step by Step Checklists
  • Workbooks To Stay On Target
  • Textbooks With Specific Business Relevant Topics
  • Tiny Systems Which Help People Implement Strategies Fast To Make More Money & Save More Time

Each Profit Planner Tiny System is specific to a single topic covered in-depth with a textbook, idea generator, workbook, checklist, resource guide, and implementation calendar.

Sample EBA Profit Planners and Business Accelerator Packages Below!

Make More Money Blogging

Make More Money Blogging

Review Access Here! Money Manifestation

Money Manifestation


Focus On Your Success

Review Access Here! David Perdew, NAMS, Inc.

“For over 3 years, Melanie and her Team have been producing the Profit Planners for our members. August 1, 2021, we sold her the Profit Planner business.

Melanie is amazing.

I’ve loved watching her business grow and transform PLUS I’ve loved working with her.

Her dedication to perfection is just about unheard of.

That is why we are one of her clients.

You won’t be disappointed.


Georgena Eggleston

“Melanie will intuitively, expertly guide you to realize your potential. Feel grounded in guidance, trusting that her visionary awareness, deep listening, and professionalism will support you to realize a business and a life beyond your wildest dreams.”

Fredrick Swan

“In the midst of having multiple clients, Melanie made me feel that my projects and learning were of utmost importance to her.

Not only is she extremely talented and knowledgeable, but she is also a pleasure to work with; always patient, responsive, and able to interpret my visions and goals with precision and promptness.”

Clifford Max

“Working with Melanie is like working with family. She is loyal and dependable. The Profit Planners are incredible! I love the single topic mastery she and her team create. She has made a huge impact on my business and I am so glad that I found her. “

Amy Bair

“I absolutely love working with Melanie. Not only can I be assured of a top-quality product from her team, but I can also be assured of friendly, quick, and responsive work! I am totally excited about the opt-in report she just designed for me. Not only is it beautiful, but it is also engaging and eye-catching. I could never have created that on my own. Thanks, Melanie!”


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Who and What Is Excellence Business Academy?

We focus on long-term businesses built to last and backed with service…

Hi. I’m Melanie ~

What qualifies me to help your business?

Twenty-three years of online business experience in a variety of niches.

Starting as a Virtual Assistant and Bookkeeper in 1998, I realized that I wanted to do more for people. I wanted to help others build their own online businesses.

Investing in the future of your business is one of the most important things you can do. Ensure that your investment leads you toward your goals.

We’re here to help with that.

You should build your business using core business strategies and systems. When you’re creating processes, you’re doing what you need to help you grow and reach higher goals.

The strong foundation you create today sustains you forever.

There are countless training, tools, and must-have shiny objects everywhere you look online.

What if you could easily pick and choose what you need for your business at any given time and get it done?

I know what it takes to build a solid business. My four businesses continue to grow as I continue to help entrepreneurs to succeed.

Twenty-three years later, I still have my original email address and absolutely LOVE what I do.

Let’s get started!


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Contact Us Here With Any Questions

Melanie M. Davis Excellence Business Academy

Melanie Davis

Excellence Business Academy Founder

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