Can I Make Money with a Blog?

Can I Make Money with a Blog?

Make Money with a Blog

Many individuals are making money blogging. That's right. You can actually earn money by publishing your articles online. While blogging is not the only option for you to make money in this digital age, this is a popular way that hasn't been outdated. With vlogging and social media influencing, blogging is still used by many because it works. Now, the question you might have is, "how much money can you make blogging?" While there is no standard rate, you will know the possible figure you can make by what experience bloggers are earning.

The money you can make by blogging depends on various factors, which I will review in the latter part of this article. A report from Glassdoor states that a blogger can earn $19,000 to $79,000 a year. If you search "blogger" on this platform, you will see the results. On some review platforms, bloggers say that the average salary is around $24,000 a year. If a corporation employs a blogger, the salary can be higher.

Various types of bloggers earn different amounts. The amount you can earn will depend on many factors. There are factors to consider to help you determine the estimated money you can make from blogging.


Factors that Affect Earning Potential


Bloggers who are employed earn a fixed salary when blogging for a company or a client. If you are not employed and rely on the income you make by blogging on your own, the amount will depend on how popular your website and content are. In fact, freelance bloggers have increased their income since they are free to accept as many assignments as they desire.



If you are a blogger who doesn't work for anyone, then the popularity of your website will tell how much money you can make. For beginners, it's normal to receive a small income or none at all. Why? Because you are still in the process of building your online brand. Once you've established your brand, that's the time you can expect a stable income from blogging.


Number of blogs

The more blogs you have, the more money you can earn. However, this doesn't mean that you need to aim for more than one website. Some bloggers earn more money with one blog.

In summary, there are many ways a blogger can earn money. If you are new to blogging for money, you need to have consistency and patience until you are earning money from your blog. If you are passionate about what you write, people will feel that and trust you.


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