How much time are you spending on tasks (and people) that don't feed your soul and bring you happiness? We all have that one friend who stresses us or that one client who pushes all the wrong buttons. Add to that the chores we dread, and it's a recipe for unhappiness and frustration.

How frustrated are you right now with your business?
Are you feeling a loss of excitement?
Are you feeling overwhelmed?
Learn the secrets to reclaim your joy today!

Improve your mindset and remove the stressors, and build a business you’ll be proud of…

How frustrated are you right now?

Are you feeling a loss of enthusiasm in your business?  If you’re anything like the entrepreneurs I speak with every day, you’re probably working way more hours than you want to, and getting far less accomplished than you need to.

You beat yourself up about your “lack of productivity” (even though it’s really NOT your fault) and you look at others who seem to have it all together (they don’t) and you wonder, “What the heck is wrong with me?”

Nothing. Absolutely nothing is wrong with you. The real problem is…

No One Prepared You For The Nitty-Gritty, Down-And-Dirty Work Of Running A Business

Sure, everyone and their dog has a course or a blog or an eBook about hot new marketing strategies and following your passion, and filling your mailing list with potential clients.

Now don’t get me wrong. That stuff is super important!

But you know what else is important? Having the freedom to live your life, and that means…

  • Not spending all day struggling with a task list that's a mile long.
  • Not losing sleep over your stressors that are piling up.
  • Not wasting yet another minute with clients that don't honor your boundaries.

If you’re still working way too hard and struggling to remember the reason you started your business in the first place, then "Get Excited About Your Business Again" is for you.


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Get Excited About Your Business Again:
The Course For Every Entrepreneur That Wants to Build a Business They Can Love Again

If you want to turn your business into the one you always dreamed of,  then this step-by-step workshop is for you.

In four, in-depth fluff-free modules, we’ll set up boundaries to protect your time, scale down your task list to conserve your energy, create new and exciting programs, and make some critical mindset adjustments, so you can start to love your business again.

Sound good? Here’s everything we’ll cover…

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Module 1: Removing Stressors
Improves Mindset

Module one is all about removing stressors to improve your mindset to give your business the support it needs to thrive. We’ll dig deep into…

  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Cleaning up your task list
  • When and how to get rid of toxic relationships
  • Setting boundaries
  • Defeating your fears


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Module 2: Count Your Blessings

It's time to start cultivating a more positive attitude and learning to appreciate your blessings.

In Module 2, I’ll share all the details about:

  • Bringing more gratitude into your life
  • Give yourself a gratitude tune-up
  • Creating a plan to incorporate more of what you love into your life
  • Cultivating a more positive attitude
  • Determining what brings you joy each day


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Module 3: Be Enthusiastically Authentic

Nothing is more draining than trying to be something you're not. If you're forcing yourself to fit into an unrealistic "image" of a coach just because you think that's what your clients expect, you're going to burn out fast. Instead, embrace the real you. Your clients will love you for it.

So in Module 3, we’re going to...

  • Discover the real you
  • Create an ideal client avatar
  • Determine you and your client's personality types
  • Learn to conserve your energy and protect your time
  • Finding out what your mission is
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Module 4: Build a Business
You Can Love Again

Over time, if you're not diligent, you may find that your business has morphed into something you never envisioned. You're working with less-than-ideal clients (because you thought you needed the money) and your packages and programs don't excite you anymore.
In this module, we’re going to identify what you need to do differently to love your business again.

Module 4 has all the answers, including…

  • Advantages of rebranding
  • How to make your programs exciting again
  • Freshen up your knowledge
  • Rejuvenate your business
  • Identify areas you need to build your confidence in

Learn to give yourself permission for a mindset reset, so you can put the magic back in your business and life.

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Melanie Davis



P.S. This course is backed by my 100% guarantee. If you feel it does not help you in any way to build a better coaching business, simply email me for a fast, courteous refund.

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