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A 5 Component System That You Can Use
Today to Make More Money Blogging!

Make More Money Blogging

If you plan to make money with your blog, take it seriously, and follow this system.

  • Plan and Create Your Editorial Calendar Well in Advance for Profit
  • Build Your Blog with Consistent Profit Habits
  • Invest Time Strategically and Reap the Financial Rewards with Your Blog
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Melanie M. Davis Excellence Business Academy

Melanie Davis

Hi. I'm Melanie

23 years ago in 1998, no one heard of virtual (online) businesses. No one would hire me to work virtually because they did not have the vision to see that I could work from my home office and handle what they needed.

LOTS of hoops to jump through back then.

Yes, it was tough. I was a divorced mom with two little ones. Working full time during the day, then working in the evenings after the kids went to bed was so hard. You see, I was stubborn – very stubborn. There was no way that I would settle for anything less than achieving my goals while being with my kids when they got home from school. I did what I had to do, working full time during the day and then working most of the night.

Eventually, I was able to quit my full-time job and grow my virtual business.

Twenty-three years later, I still have my original email address and have developed two more virtual businesses, UseYourPLR and ExcellenceBusinessAcademy.

What can you expect when working with Melanie and her Team?

  • 23 years of Virtual (Online) Business Experience.
  • Knowledge and experience in a vast range of niches.
  • A team you can trust.
  • 100% dedication to your projects ~ we do not take on more than we can do.
  • We are 100% US-based.