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Plug Your Profit Leaks: Get More Sales with What You Already Have

  • Identify Common Leaks and Boost Your Profits
  • 3 Basic Skills for Getting More Sales
  • 5 Ways to Increase Profits Now
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Hi - I created my first online business in 1998 as a Virtual Assistant and Virtual Bookkeeper.

My passion has always been to help people build and grow their businesses and revenue.

Currently, I have three online businesses - AYVS, LLC/Melanie M Davis (Virtual Services), Use Your PLR (converting PLR into branded content for clients and businesses), and the Excellence Business Academy (EBA).

I am also the creator of the crazy-popular/highly effective Profit Planners.

Profit Planners are tiny systems many businesses need to create solid processes and systems for business and revenue growth.

After 24 years of owning online businesses and helping entrepreneurs in many niches, I know what successful businesses need.

I still have my original email address and love what I do 🙂

Melanie M Davis